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I just got my little Papillon and have not named him as of yet but he wont eat - what do i do? ...

I just got my little Papillon and have not named him as of yet but he wont eat - what do i do? They said he was 13 weeks old but i think he is much younger than that. help what do i do? i don't want him to die

    In Papillon - Asked by Anonymous - 10/25/2012 10:41:37 PM
i would take your pap to the vet and ask. if something is wrong with it, they should be able to tell you what's wrong.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/28/2012 4:00:09 PM

Check its mouth for teeth. If it doesn't have teeth it can't eat dog food yet. This indicates the dog is younger than four weeks. If it has some teeth but not the full set, it can eat chicken broth and baby rice cereal. This is not a good substitute for mother's milk but might keep the dog alive until vet care can be obtained. As a papillon breeder, I am saddened and apalled that someone might sell a puppy before it was 8 weeks old. Papillons will nurse until 8 or 9 weeks. At 4 weeks they begin to get teeth and start to want more solid foods. By 6 weeks they can eat softened puppy kibble. If the puppy won't eat or drink or if you think it is under 6 weeks old you need to consult a vet immediately. Some illnesses such as parvo will cause loss of appetite and are deadly to puppies under 6 months. Please seek vet care ASAP.
    Answered by parksullivan1 - 7/1/2013 11:13:57 PM

i have a Papillion and she was hard to feed at first, but denying cookies, treats, and leaving her food out for her she finally ate. Is now 9years old and still eats her supper, the same food as she had in the beginning, I've been told if you constantly change she will get be trouble to get to feed. She is the best dog in the world, easy to house train, and train to obey, heel, any tricks you want her to do. Oh, by the way I trained her in a cage, I let her outside every hour at first, this taught her that outside was for her do her business, not in the house. She was kept in the cage for first 5 months, then gradually let out more and more each day. It works, be persistant. and firm, remember you are the boss not him or her. Have fun with your dog, I certainly do and have.
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/23/2014 3:16:42 PM