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My elkhound is 5 years old.He lives with 3 chow chows.the chows were introduced at 8 weeks to...

My elkhound is 5 years old.He lives with 3 chow chows.the chows were introduced at 8 weeks to the house and the hound is aloof from his pack. recently he has taken to peeing on the house. yes on the house. and he barks at absolutely nothing all the time he is outside. how do I get to stop his constant barking? how do I get him to stop peeing on the house? we will be moving soon and the constant barking is of great concern. tried the muzzle and he can get out of a muzzle in less time than Houdini. I don't want to cut his vocal chords as I view this as inhumane but I also don't want to give him up as when I bought him I made a lifetime commitment to him to be his forever home. I love him and don't know how to help him stop. some of this behavior is noted breed behavior. but this behavior needs to be changed and so far the training is not working. suggestions greatly appreciated. and yes he is fixed as are the rest of the pack.

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I saw a show about dogs that bark a lot. They trained them to bark on command and then told them to stop. Now, when the dogs bark, they give the stop barking command and they stop. It worked well on the show. I have an Elkhound and love him to death. However, he does bark a lot at everything...birds, squirrels, cats, other dogs, people, leaves, everything. I just call him inside for a while until he forgets about what he was barking at and let him back out until he barks again.
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I have had Elkhounds(5) for 30 years and have had great sucess with the citronella no-bark collar. It requires some diligence on your part-ie off when inside;on when outside(or whenever there are persistent barking situations, maybe shaving a piece of the neck, so the mic is not muffled, etc., as well as being there to reinforce "NO BARK!" verbally the first few times as it sprays. After a few times, my dogs were very, very quiet as soon as the collar was snapped on. However, I must admit, one of my current Elkhounds, who is not the brightest bulb, treats the spray as a game.
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