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I just got a rescue dog a week ago that was said to be a GSD. As it turns out, he is a...

I just got a rescue dog a week ago that was said to be a GSD. As it turns out, he is a Newfie/GSD cross. He has never been socialized with cats or even other dogs before. I've got 3 PB GSD's and a sheltie. My problem is that I can't leave the house without worrying about him attacking and killing my cats. I've got a 19 yr old cat who is deaf. What is the best way to break him from wanting to chase and kill my cats? I've tried the squirting water on him, it worked for 2 days only. He is about 2 yrs old.

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The best answer is time. Keep walking the dog on a leash by the cat and telling them no.It may take a couple of onths or it still might not work. You can also pet the cat and leave the smell on your hands and then pet the dog on his face so that it gets a scent. Still it's going to dend on the dog
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What you need to look into is what we trainer's call - Counter Conditioning. Using positive reinforcement training such as clicker or marker training will stop your undesired behavior and in turn, make a happier dog. Contact a local positive reinforcement trainer, or look up Dr. Yin's low-stress-handling work if you feel you can work with your dog on your own. In the mean time, remove the dog or cat from the situation when you are unable to supervise. Have the dog in a crate, outside or in a designated dog area. Or, move the cat into a room with a closed door so that you do not have to worry while you are away.
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