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I am thinking about getting a Newfie... We can pick her up at seven weeks. What kind of food...

I am thinking about getting a Newfie... We can pick her up at seven weeks. What kind of food should we give her because I heard that puppy chow won't help a big dog thats a puppy??? I read you should get adult dog food. Is this true??? Please help! I also heard that you shouldn't walk your Newfie until like a year old because they're bones are still developing. They said you can walk her just not for long periods of time and not for long walks. But I love taking my Dogs for a walk and would be sooooo sad if she couldn't tag along. -Thanks for anyone responds! *_____*

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As an owner of a 5yr old neutered male newfie, a 3yr old spayed female newfie, and most recently a 7 months old neutered male rescue newfie from a wonderful giant breed rescue - my best advice to you would be to check out the Newfoundland Club of America website for GREAT info on newfie and newfie puppies! THere is likely also a newfoundland club for your region. These clubs are terrific resources for all your questions. And yes - adult, high quality dog food even for the puppy that has the right proportions of nutrients is very important for their growing years. Also - a 7 week old puppy should stay just a couple more weeks with their mother if possible. This early time with mom really helps teach puppy socialization skills like bit inhibition (how not to bite hard) and also how not to play too rough with it's siblings among other things. All important things when your puppy is almost 80 pounds at 6 months old! Good luck!!
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Seven weeks is pretty young. If you can leave your Newfie with her mom and litter mates for another couple of weeks it would be better. Feed her a good kibble made specifically for large breed pups. I use Innova. Stay away from "grocery store" brands. Main thing is low calcium content, like 1.2% or less. As for walks, sure, they can walk! Just keep it easy at first and work your way up.
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/26/2012 5:56:44 PM