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My wonderful kids just got me a mastiff for Christmas, knowing that I've always wanted one....

My wonderful kids just got me a mastiff for Christmas, knowing that I've always wanted one. However, I am a little concerned they were ripped off. This female "mastiff" is 6 weeks old and weighs 5.5lbs. Does that sound right? Seems to me she should be about double that by now.

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I don't think thats right because mastiffs are supposed to be really big. You should ask them where they got it from. Its probably wrong if it was from a pet store. My godmothers dog was supposed to be a yorkie but I think its really a silky terrier. We got him from a pet store (he's still pretty darn cute though)
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Yes I have had my "Big Bear" for a long time almost 6 years. The weight that you described as in a pup is not healthy at all. Have you taken your mastiff to the vet yet? When I first got my baby he was under weight. When I took him to the vet they said that he had parvo and if thats what your angle has then its just a matter of time. Parvo is a terrible viral disease that will kill your puppy. Don't take that chance and get her to the vet just in case.
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Our Mastiff was about the same lbs @ 6 weeks she is now 16lbs at 10 weeks. They grow very fast by 6 months they should be around 40lbs.
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We have a female english mastiff and we got her at 8 wks, she weighed 18lbs at that time. She just turned 7 months and weighs 108lbs. So, not sure if you have a full breed. But, sometimes those are the best dogs : )
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that sounds real small for an english english mastiff had 13 puppies by 6 wks when I had to let go,they were awesome and was my first time with breeding, they were at least 12 to 15lbs.good luck hopefully you had him checked by your vet, maybe he'st small
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/15/2012 3:07:40 PM

My bull mastiff just turned 3 months old and is 30lbs..but I think she weighs more now, I cant pick her up... Loving her like no tomorrow this is my dream dog...
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I first of all think it is wrong for any breeder to ever let a pup that age be re-homed! They learn from littermates and Mom and 8 wks is the youngest I feel they should leave Mom. 5 pounds is about right for a one to one and a half week old mastiff puppy. Did you meet the parents?
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/20/2012 8:44:36 PM