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Hi I just adopted a mastiff/mix puppy we don't know what he is mixed with but the vet said he...

Hi I just adopted a mastiff/mix puppy we don't know what he is mixed with but the vet said he could pass as a full blood mastiff with his physical appearence. He is four months old and at 42lbs is that comparable to other mastiff pups? Also we have him on "taste of the wild" for his food because it is a grain free diet but they don't have a large/giant breed specific product will this be okay? We tried to find a giant breed dog food but every one had corn in it which the vet told us to avoid. Also any tips for raising a mastiff pup would be great

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How much protein does this dog food contain? Mastiffs typically need to be fed less protein than smaller breed puppies to keep them from growing too fast, which can cause severe joint problems later in life. Puppy food for Mastiffs should not contain more than 28% protein. I fed my girl Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy, and I was very happy with the results. She still is on Nutro at 5 years old. Last year I had a full x-ray series done on her, and the large joints--the critical shoulders and hips--are in excellent shape. I would definitely recommend feeding a large or x-large breed puppy food!
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I feed my mastiff Blue grain free. Avoid wheat products too as they tend to give them yeast infections especially in their ears.
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I have a 2 year old male kept him on eukanaba puppy food till a year then switched to eukanaba large breed and hes doing great. Vet says looks good and at good weight and the food I give him is fine. He weighed 55 lbs at 3 months and now weighs 170 lbs and very healthy with nice coat. He eats about 6 cups food a day but sometimes less, sometimes a little more.
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