Labrador Retriever Question

Can Labrodor Retrievers have ....mental retardartion? Ours won't go near water

Dixie is 7 years old. We have a pool in back yard that our previous Lab loved. Dixie is afraid and always has been of going in water. She also doesn't chase tennis balls. Doesn't seem to get it. She did not get both her canine teeth in. She has a weird shaped skull for a Lab. She's just not that smart for a Lab. We've had 2 before here her. Of course we love her just the same. But, can a Lab be "mentally retarded?" I'm sorry for phrase. But, any other dogs out there like our Dixie?

    In Labrador Retriever - Asked by Anonymous - 3/15/2013 2:12:20 PM
Well, I do believe they can have mental retardation. I know mine does. But she loves the water. It is not a bad thing that Dixie doesn't like the water some dogs like it others dont
    Answered by Buddylover#1fan - 4/27/2014 8:46:05 PM