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do keeshound dogs breath rapidly normally??

My 4 month old female keeshound always breathes very rapidly. Is this normal?? We just adopted her and have never owned this type of dog. Any help would be appreciated.

    In Keeshond - Asked by Anonymous - 2/3/2013 1:58:26 AM
In general no it is not normal. If a kees is very hot or stressed they may do that for short periods of time but if your kees is doing that all the time I would certainly see a vet and have the puppy examined. If you purchased the puppy at an older age, older then 8 weeks there may be underlying issues. Kees are normally hard to find and most good breeders do not have them over 8 weeks. If a breeder is having trouble selling puppies then it might be because of health issues or other reasons. Word does get around quickly so the less desirable puppies will be still available after 8 weeks of age. You may want to take the puppy to a specialist if your vet does not find anything wrong and the issue continues.
    Answered by erbekees - 2/4/2013 6:19:15 PM

Actually, yes this is very normal. Just as with babies and toddlers, young puppies DO breathe more rapidly than an older dog. Perhaps the know it all erbekees should spend some time with a litter of the puppies she has and watch them breathe. Even while asleep their breath count is high. The Keeshond is an extremely healthy breed. As someone who has spoken with and sold puppies to previous owners of the so called health tested Keeshond, I can tell you those lines DO get sick just like the non tested lines. And they lose their battle with disease sometimes as young as 5 years old. So don't feel bad about your delightful puppy especially not if you paid a little less for her or if she was a little older than 8 weeks when you got her, there's most likely nothing wrong with her. Shame on other breeders for saying terrible things about a poor defenseless puppy like that.
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/3/2013 3:09:30 PM

New Owner, That breeder is sadly mistaken, Please do refer to your Vet for verification but yes it can be normal, puppies do have a higher rate of breath. Now if the puppy is laboring in anyway there could be an underlying issue. Keeshonds do pant alot, its common anyone who pays alot of attention to the Keeshonden can tell you this. Also You can and its a dirty breeder that says older pups are all a problem.. its not true. Our puppies normally sell for 900 each.. and outsold other breeders,This time last year. This year I had several liters at once! I happen to have a few older.. and I sell them cheaper because they arent as cute or desirable as a 6-8 week old. Bottom line they will still grow up to be awesome beautiful pets! Its a breeders reputation you must go on, and I happen to have a very good one with references to prove it. I am happy to offer advice, the best I can. I also tell everyone, Consult your vet. Keeshonds are not that rare, Good breeders are however.
    Answered by NCarolinaKeeshonds - 3/3/2013 10:49:47 PM

Fast breathing is normal, theyalso have a faster heart rate than the older dog. I can't understand why some breeders want people who don't buy from them to think all other puppies are sick. And know that in spite of what this other person told you, the top bloodlines of most breeds live the shortest of all lifetimes. Keeshond are not hard to find. Maybe 20 years ago they were but now they're readily available with AKC puppies being sold for as little as $500 with full breeding rights from several breeders. Just because a breeder has puppies past 8 weeks doesn't mean they "have trouble" selling them. It means one of many things: they do not sell to every person who wants one, maybe they have more than one litter available, they do not offer to fly their puppies so that limits them to buyers who are willing to drive but it in no way means their dogs or puppies are sick. Enjoy your puppy, it is hard to find an unhealthy Keeshond in spite of what the other person wants you to believe.
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/4/2013 4:25:51 AM

Rapid breathing is not normal, panting and rapid breathing are so different. Dogs have no sweat glands so if they pant rapidly that is one thing however Rapid breathing can be alarming to a new owner, if labored it could be an allergic reaction or heart failure. Call the vet and get the puppy checked
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/7/2013 4:43:02 PM

These "breeders" certainly want these puppies going to the Vet a lot. I work for a Vet, we love visits like this. There's never anything wrong, it's just the rapid breathing of a young dog. They sometimes breath faster when they are dreaming too. You are nervous and want to be careful but unless the puppy is not playful, not eating or drinking water or is vomiting there's absolutely nothing wrong here. Let sleeping dogs lie.
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/9/2013 11:48:16 AM

As a breeder and a dog owner I have always found that if something concerns you enough to ask questions about it here or anywhere for that matter, it obviously is out of what you think is normal. Being that none of us here are licensed veterinarians we can only offer our experience and opinion, which in no way compares to a veterinarian exam. My advice no matter what is if you have a concern about your pets health and they are doing something specific that worries you, yes do take it to the vet. If it is a needless visit well then better safe then sorry. I have no idea why anyone would suggest not taking your puppy/dog to the vet if it had something that you thought was not a normal action.
    Answered by erbekees - 3/13/2013 10:39:36 AM

I have to agree.. if in doubt.. your best advice is call the vet. once you have a good vet, they should be willing to answer questions.
    Answered by NCarolinaKeeshonds - 3/13/2013 7:35:30 PM