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My dog "Grizzly" passed away at the age of 4, He was my best friend so i would only like to make...

My dog "Grizzly" passed away at the age of 4, He was my best friend so i would only like to make at statement to all Keeshond owners, show your dog you love them every day and don't take it for granted that they will live a long life. Grizzly was taken from us a few days after finding out he had cancer throughout his body and could not be saved. He loved us and we loved him so much, so please treat your Keeshond with love every day because they will show you twice as much love to their owner.

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Very sad indeed we once has a keeshond who was six years and got sick. Found out he had terminal cancer and months to live. We ended up getting a second keesond and right now it is 15 years old. Now after having it for all those years we have to put it down due to CHF. Both are so sad and i think it is all the same. Your are going to miss them no matter what. I have to bring mine in within the next few days.
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Even the best of bloodlines carry cancer genes that cancers, We as breeders, can not test for at this time although there are specialists working to locate the genes. If buyers would report these issues to their breeder and the breeder would remove dogs from their breeding program, the world would be a better place. However, many breeders refuse to stop breeding the affected bloodline or parent dogs because they simply make too much money from it. Any breeder that claims to have never had any issue reported is not being truthful with you. Find another breeder.
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