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Hello everyone, I am looking at doing all the research on Japanese Chin's and so far is looking...

Hello everyone, I am looking at doing all the research on Japanese Chin's and so far is looking really good for my life style. I have one question, I was checking on the weight of the average Chin, and one website told me a male is over 7lbs and a female is under 7lbs. Is this true? I want a male because I was told most the time males would become more attacted to me seeing how I am a woman and most the times females will become attacted to a man. How big will a male Chin become? Thank you!

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I have both a male, Diego, and female, Diohji, Japanese Chin. Diego is approximately 13 pounds, and Diohji is about 10. As far as the male dog being attracted to females and vice versa, it is true in our case. Diego is my dog and absolutely will not leave my side if I am home. Diohji is more my Fiance's dog. She listens to him over me, and would rather curl up on the couch with him over me... unless he's not home, then she figures I'm second best and still likes to snuggle! Hope that helps!
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I dont think so my japanese chin is in really good shape and he is 15 pounds and he is a male.
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The average Chin weighs between 7 pounds upwards. YOu can have a tall Chin that weighs 7 pound and a small one that weighs that much. Once a Chin is spayed or neutered the weight goes up. We don't go by pounds anymore at the shows but by color and height etc..
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I have a nine year old male JC. Kato is his name, I am looking at some of the reports on here about weight. Kato was good at 6 yrs her was 18lb. Then last year he had to have surgery on his neck disc problems, he was on steroids for 12 weeks, his weight shot up to 25lb. He was a porker. Of course could not walk him due to surgery and had to carry him everywhere outside to do business. But, he is active again and walking great, the weight is slow to come off I have him on Blue Buffolo Yellow bag not diet but weight control. Vet says she would like to see him at 20 or less. So statistics are different for each dog. I was looking at puppies and they were saying 7lbs. Well, not so true.. :) Good Luck. Chins are the best.
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