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Do little jack russell's molt a lot?

Do little jack russell's molt a lot?

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I've owned 3 Jack Russell Terrier's and they are the sweetest, most intelligent dog that I had. My first one was a true "clown" and his antics would keep you smiling all the time. After he passed at 15 I got a little JR named Daisi. I would take her to the dog park (it isn't fenced in, but she just loved to run and play with other dogs. Daisi died 12/26/09. Now I have a broken-coated JR named Pandi. She looks like a little Panda Bear and is the sweetest I've ever seen. She loves people to death runs to everyone at the park and they just adore her. I hope that you were able to adopt the lost Jack Russell. You will really fall in love.. My fiance' was never around dogs (he's 83 yrs. old) and loved Daisi and now can't get enough of Pandi - He didn't know Brutus. Let me know if you have your dog and how it's doing. Lois
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Molting is for birds, not dogs..Do jack russells shed, Yes they do. Some say the rough coat don't shed as much as the smooth coat, but I haven't been able to prove that for I own several smooth coats and a rough coat. They both shed. The rough coat, not as much as the smooth, but they both do shed.
    Answered by karispups - 12/18/2011 9:10:23 PM

Jack Russell's SHED quit a bit - and year round. All the brushing in the world won't stop it. I love our Jack Russell and I'm willing to vaccuum frequently and use a lint roller when ever I leave the house. I think it's worth it to have her around.
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do broken coats shed as much as rough coats?
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