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I am 71 years old, able to walk OK but not for long, some health issues and have been looking at...

I am 71 years old, able to walk OK but not for long, some health issues and have been looking at County Dog Services for small companion dog. A Jack Russell mix, or possibly a Parsons mix according to shelter can become available next week. I live on a small, unfenced farm in sometimes harsh winter area and would always want dog indoors except when walking, Is this dog the right one for me? Is a 3 year old male that will be neutered before adoption and can be viewed on www.clackamas.us/dogs under found animals and was found on 11/22.

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My Sister in law has a parsons russell terrier and he is now 3yrs. He does well indoors but seems to need a lot of exercise. She walks him a lot.
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It is great you want to adopt, but I think a Jack Russell would be a bit much. They do require alot of excerise to keep them calm. In some cases, you may find a calmer Jack Russell, but it is rare. Walking is a key to keeping a Jack Russell healthy and happy. He might end up chewing or urinating for lack of excerise. I've seen that happen. You may want to find a calmer, less active breed to adopt. But if they say this JRT is calm, then go for it..I love people who are willing to adopt a Jack, for their are so many that need it.
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I adopted an 8 year old jrt named Buddy two months ago. He was a companion for a disabled man who passed away. This man had him from a pup. He was not even neutered. So Buddy got fixed, was put on a good diet and he has become MY companion. I lost my yellow lab to cancer one year ago and thought I would never be able to do this again but, Buddy has been wonderful. He has some rough edges but so do I. He is not hyper, can be a little intense at times but will stay right by my side. He is strong willed but responds to calm, assertive direction. We are both learning. I am so blessed to have found Buddy. I am retired and live alone and Buddy has given me a reason to live.
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