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Hi, I really love the JRT breed, but I know close to nothing about them. I watched dogs 101 and...

Hi, I really love the JRT breed, but I know close to nothing about them. I watched dogs 101 and read some stuff online about them! But I would like to hear about them from an experienced JRT owner. how are they around kids? how old till they mature and reach their full size? and when should I get it spayed and what should i do to keep them calm? HELP!!!!! Thx!:)

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Depends on how the dog is raised. I raise my Shorties with my kids and they are great. If you looking at getting a JRT and you have young kids, look for a breeder that rasies their dogs in that enviroment. Ive never had complants about dogs ive placed with young toddlers.
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HI I have JRT, she is now 2yrs old and is great around ,my son who is 9. If you have younger kids that are maybe 3 and under the only complaint is that JRTs are hyper and love to jump tp greet you so with a kid that small could knocked over. As to keeping them calm hmmm well when my family is relaxing she will but if company comes or she sees an animal on tv it will spark a moment of hyperness but they are great family dogs very entertaining
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Check out www.therealjackrussell.com This is the JRTCA website that helps with questions and learning about the breed. They are the ONLY REGISTERY that is out to keep the Jack Russells pure. I am a breeder of JRTCA Jacks and some of my Jack Pups I can recommend with young children and others I wouldn't. It can depend on the JR and the breeder. I work with my pups from day one desensitizing them. They can be very good with kids, but they recommend older kids 5-6 years old at youngest. They usually reach their full size between 6 months and a year old. You can get your JR spayed or neutered usually before 6 months of age. Keeping them calm, means working your JR..A good exercise routine and work, will keep your JR calmer. Check out my website at www.ondrunkennels.com I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you in anyway possible. As a JRTCA member, we are out to work and protect our Jack Russells.
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Our family has a female JRT who is now about 2 years old (we adopted from a shelter so exact birth date is questionable.) I agree with the other response about jumping and small kids. I think a JRT needs a great deal of physical exercise and attention in order to be a "calm" pet, but they LOVE play and love human attention. Even though she's basically a "calm" girl when we are all calmly sitting or talking, I think our JRT would take fast movement by a child as an invitation to run, jump, chase and play. If you have a very young child - a toddler, who can't understand that, you should be sure to be in constant supervision when the child and dog are together. I don't think a JRT is a vicious breed at all, but they ARE HIGH ENERGY - it's just a part of the breed and what makes them a JRT.
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Our JRT boy had all the best traits of the breed! Remember, if you don't have a fenced in yard, they do need a lot of exercise. Ours was great around our son, our cats, and dogs. You got to raise them right. He was about fully grown at around a year old and weighed a good 16 lbs. If you want your dog fixed, best to discuss it with your vet, but usually at 6 months. I just don't understand how you will keep a dog calm. That's almost impossible. Kinda like when your kids learn to walk and then run. If you want a calm dog, get an old one. That's not just JRTs but all dogs! A JRT is not really an apartement dog, neither is it a lapdog!!!
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