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Should a JRT be given small dose of Aspirin for sprains? Weight is 17 lbs age is 7 yrs. Healthy, wonderful, gentle... Unless he gets out of his harness. Then it's a 2 hr chase, which he thinks is GREAT fun! It results in sore leg muscles. His name is Butler... Which is as close as I'll come to having a real one!

    In Jack Russell Terrier - Asked by Anonymous - 11/16/2012 9:38:07 PM
Sounds like you need to take him for "runs" not walks. Let him out in a big field and walk the perimeter with him. And yes, it will take 2 hours for him to "blow off" some steam, so plan on spending time with him exploring the fields. He's gonna run like a banshee at first, don't call him back... you just start walking and call to him, "Come on, I'm going this way". He'll come your direction, probably blast by you. You do this exercise a couple times a week, you'll be giving him the activity he needs and wants. Instead of chasing him for two hours, take him for 2 hour runs. As for sore muscles, you need to be giving him a good mineral supplement and add some EFA's to his food.
    Answered by marhlfld - 11/16/2014 11:35:16 AM