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When I take my Jack Russell Terrier, Marsha, on walks, she poops on the road and not on the...

When I take my Jack Russell Terrier, Marsha, on walks, she poops on the road and not on the grass. I'd like her to stop and she keeps doing it. And how do I make her stop biting everyone and barking? I know that they are barking dogs, plus they are kind of agressive with other dogs. I have rodents and cats, and so far, she is not bothering the rodents, but the cats are another problem - she won't leave them alone and she keeps tackling them, forcing them to swat her. Was this a good dog breed, and how do I fix all of these problems that are sticking to me? It's difficult, and she won't stop peeing in the house. She hardly poops, but we keep trying to potty-train her and it's failing. Failure every time, too. The less she learns, the more we feel down-hearted. Help, please?

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Hello, I find the more you walk her 1/2 hour after they drink water, the better they don't pee in the house. There are signs of going to pee which are smelling the ground. As for the barking at other dogs, that is a socialization issue. If puppy was not socialized, it will grow to be unstable, we have a puppy like that. We are trying to change her habits right now. It's extremely hard. Hope that helps.
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/6/2012 10:32:11 AM

Put some newspaper down for your Jack Russell Terrier. When she goes, take it outside near the door. Once she gets wind of it she should start going outside. They are quite hard to train but you have to stay on top of them. Dont' leave the food down. Feed her at a certain time, give her abt. 1 1/2hrs. and take her outside. These animals will chase anything. If you got her and already had animals amongst her thats' okay. When outside, thats' her territory! If she is biting others' give you a good smack on the rump, never the nose. They are stubborn so this has to be repetitious. Do not under any circumstance let her away with it. I wish you luck, one trained and not biting, she will be a very loyal pet to you and your family. I have a 3yr.old so I know whats' taking place.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/11/2012 10:44:51 PM