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I have a 5 yr old short haired Jack Russell Terrier. I have never had a issue with him urinating...

I have a 5 yr old short haired Jack Russell Terrier. I have never had a issue with him urinating in the house. We recently got a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix puppy who constantly urinates inside and of course my jr wants to urinate on top of the puppy's urine. We have pads around the house where they often do this. They continue to urinate in other places as well. HELP I'M AT MY WITS END AND AM TIRED OF STEAM CLEANING MY CARPETS WEEKLY!!!! My jr also suffers from a serious skin irritation which compels him to scratch and chew his back side leaving scabs and sores, i hate to see him suffer so. We've tried benadryl and other hotspot medications and it always seems to reoccur. I have been told it could be seperation anxiety and the vet told me he thinks he is allergic to fleas as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Put your JRT in a small space with a pad, and leave it there for 2-4 minutes, and let it out to run around again. It may go to the pad he eliminated and eliminate again because of the smell of his own urine. Skin irritation may be caused by dog food. I reccomend you to not give it commericial dog food. Commercial dog food is garbage and could kill your dog.
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Also, control. If the other dog is a male, he will control the pee spot. Walk walk walk. Some ppl get a kitty litter box and train the dogs. Works wonders and saves you lots. Another is diet as per the other persons suggestion. We take for granted our dogs can eat anything out of a paper bag. We here are more into holistic's and have made strides in changing one of our itchy pets dilemma's since environment can't be moved. Good luck.
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