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We have been told our 5 yo JRT has a "luxating patella" and surgery was the only option. We have...

We have been told our 5 yo JRT has a "luxating patella" and surgery was the only option. We have been treating his condition "holistically" since August and have seen great improvement. However, when he chases his tennis ball, very different story. He was unable to urinate as he couldn't stand on either leg securely. I died inside and questioned whether we should have the surgery. We are currently giving him food with glucosamine, greenies (which contain green lipped sea mussel and 1000mg glucosamine), and takes a daily vitamin supplement by NuVet Plus Canine. I am considering a food by Dr. Gary's Best Breed that contains glucosamine and green lipped sea mussel. I don't want to give him too much glucosamine. He weighs 21-22#'s. Does anyone know how much is too much? Anyone hear of this dog food brand? Lastly, any suggestions on options vs surgery. This little guy is my "baby" as the kids are adults. Can't really afford to have the surgery. HELP!

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Have anti- inflammatories helped? Reach out to U.S. Vet schools to see if the surgery may be done by teacher for student learning. We once adopted a horse who needed stiffel joint surgery. Cornell took her- there may have been some cost for medicine. Not sure.
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Hi , In response to you question about JRT with sublaxating patella. I have a 3.5yr old female. She started limping when she was 2, took her to the vet, they gave a her a course of needles or arthrisits. to no avail. two months later took xrays found nothing obvious. Had a dog physotherapist. she diagnosed sublaxating patella, offered all the options, shark cartlidge, fish oil, diet change, massgae, joint stimulation. Pressively she has gotten worse , muscle wastage not using let now. Operation cost $900.00 to $3000.00, depending on the degree of damaged has occurred. From what I have read my dog is at stage IV. Not good. I don't think I can afford the op. But I don't want to loose a memeber of the family - great dog.
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I would continue with giving your Jack Russell Terrier the Gluocimine if you notice it is helping. As for the dog food go to a Pet Store and see what their top brands are. You are going to have to use both until you can wean out his normal food. My JRT is approx. 22lbs. Do not get a Dog Food with beef. My vet told me nothing but chicken,lamp,rice etc. As he said you dont' know what is in the beef nowadays. They are very helpful and for the most part will not try and sell you something just to make money. I wish you luck, continue doing what you are, he seems to be doing fine. However if you should notice a change in him you may have to resort to surgery. I would buy the glucosamine tablets at Drugstore, give him 100mg. from there. He can take the same vitamins as we do. Think positive, it will work out in the end. You have already said he is doing better :-)
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Be sure and contact the breeder as they should at least be informed so they don't breed the same dogs together again. Also they might have some suggestions. Keeping the dogs weight down will help some if he is overweight. I don't know much about the food as thankfully I have not had this in my dogs.
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