Illyrian Sheepdog Question

More Information regarding the breed.

I'd like to let people know that the Illyrian Sheepdog wont respond to commands. It will follow you to the deepest forest, it will even put its life in front of yours, but it will not listen to you. They live in numbers and usually surround the target before they start barking, and that is an indication to tell you to walk away, amazingly they give you a second if not a third chance to think about your moves. IF faced in the wild, look for sheeps or any other animal that needs guardian dogs, if you see any, RUN. If its alone, feel free to approach, the breed is very respectful and will even ignore you to express its harmless intentions in case if it senses fear. You can still find wild ones in the Sharr mountains, both on the Kosovo and Macedonian side.

    In Illyrian Sheepdog - Asked by Anonymous - 12/19/2012 6:23:23 PM

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