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I have the great pleasure to be a dog walker for a handsome brown and tan male Hovawart in the...

I have the great pleasure to be a dog walker for a handsome brown and tan male Hovawart in the city of Chicago. This information listed in each of the tabs describes my Bosco to a T. Unfortunately, Bosco's person works crazy hours sometimes up to 10 hours per day. This is an example of a really bad match. As Bosco's walker, is there anything that I can do to keep happy and challenged? Thanks for your feedback

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I wish someone besides me would respond to your concern. I am sure I adopted a Hovawort, although she was listed at the shelter as "Rottweiler/Shepherd." She matches the description and pictures of the black/tan Hovawort to a T, just like your Bosco. I have not yet received my DNA report, altho I'm sure Hovawort will not be in their data base. Anyway, I wish you could convince the owner to let Bosco go to you or someone who can spend more time with him. THeir descriptions all say they MUST be with their people/person. I am in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I walk my "Misty" twice a day and am rarely away from her. We've had her for 2 months now and I have never had a dog like this one (altho I love my past Samoyeds very much.) I hope you can take Bosco on. Good luck to you. How kind of you to care about him. Patricia Moore
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We have a 14 yr old female hovawart that we adopted at 14 mos. For the next 11 years, I worked primarily from home and was always with her. We ran 30 minutes every day and did several walks. On top of that I found a neighbor with a dog my dog liked and started having their dog come over during the day so that neither dog ever be alone during the day. When they were younger, they played madly and kept each other exhausted. On top of that, I bought tons of rawhides which kept both of them occupied chewing (my dog has never been into other dog toys, but she loves rawhides). So, as a diversion, I suggest rawhides so that he'll at least have something to chew on while alone. Even better would be to find a neighbor dog that could come over and spend the day while their persons are at work. That's been ideal for us and the dogs.
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