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My daughter has adopted a dog which has all of the coloring and most of the temperment of a...

My daughter has adopted a dog which has all of the coloring and most of the temperment of a Hovawart. His energy is boundless. Is there any way other than DNA to accurately classify him. Although he gets along well with my golden, he and a family St. Bernard seem to frequently exhibit aggression towards each other (so much so that we don't let them share play time together.) Is there any hope? The golden is a compiant 14 yr. old while the St. and my daughter's new adoptee are almost the same age. P.S. We took him on a pet walk with many and varied breeds. For the most part he was extremeely well behaved.

    In Hovawart - Asked by Anonymous - 2/16/2012 7:16:07 PM
Yes, there are several DNA tests that you can do to check to see if he is purebred or not. Google Dog DNA tests and you'll have your pick of several. As for the aggression, it can be coming from anywhere. The best thing to do is to contact your local positive reinforcement trainer and get him/her to see the aggression first hand. He/She will be able to help you from there.
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There is no DNA test currently for Hovawarts, although there are tests for the majority of popular breeds, the DNA tests for rare breeds have not been attenuated yet. Well socialized Hovawarts are not typically aggressive with other dogs. If aggressive behavior is being exhibited then you need to work on socializing the dog. One thing that is very common for people to do in a stressful situation with a dog, is to "calm" him down by petting. This in fact encourages the bad behavior, petting is a sign that he is doing something right. You need to firmly reprimand the dog, and make him leave you. Do not offer invectives as "it's alright". It is not alright, and poor behavior not tolerated.
    Answered by lewima - 11/9/2014 4:45:05 PM