Havanese Question

Are havanese good first time dogs?

I have never owned a dog and I am thinking about getting a Havanese is this a good idea?

    In Havanese - Asked by Anonymous - 3/22/2013 3:22:25 PM
We got a Havanese puppy (3 months) as a first time indoor dog and he is the best dog we have ever had. He likes everyone and takes alot of rough and tumble from our 1 year old. He was about 6 months old before he was totally potty trained, but never has an accident in the house. They are very social and he is not a yapper. He will alert if someone comes to the door or pulls in the driveway. Heart of gold and cute as a button. They don't eat much and are well mannered in general. He took to our 3 yr old cat right away and they are best buds. He likes to be in on the action if he knows others are having a good time. A great pet! I can't say enough good things about this breed. He is truly a joy and a very smart breed.
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/22/2013 5:45:35 PM

Hello! I have been breeding havanese since 1996! I would recommend a Havanese for a first time due to the fact that they are generally quiet (meaning not barky like so many other small breeds) They are very smart and easy to train, they have been previously used as circus dogs performing tricks for patrons of the circus and it SOOO easy to teach them, even after they have passed the "puppy stage" also they do not shed, they are hypo allergenic so if you are concerned about getting hair all over your home/furniture there are no worries with the Havanese. Havanese are also a hardy dog weighing from 8-12 lbs give or take they do not feel "breakable" lol as a chihuahua or yorkie may feel when holding them. They are tough, a few of our momma's can scale an 8 ft brick wall in seconds and even more can climb, yes literally climb one foot one paw one foot one paw etc at a time over our outdoor runs. But they never run away when they do escape they come right over to give wet/muddy kisses.
    Answered by duaneculp - 4/22/2013 1:09:16 PM

I never owned a dog until three years ago. Milly was a five yr old retired Havanese showdog. AFFECTIONATE does not even begin to describe this breed. Add cute, inquisitive, funny and fit. I dare you not to want to own two! I don't but I have really thought about it! I am not sure I really lived until I owned this wonderful loving pooch.
    Answered by poetically.yours5792 - 11/6/2013 7:27:20 PM