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We are having a problem with our Havense, barking , can't seem to get him to stop especially...

We are having a problem with our Havense, barking , can't seem to get him to stop especially when someone comes to the door. Also we do leave him home we put him in his kennel, he is only 5 months old is that not a good thing to do?

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We have a 8 month old Havanese, and we were told when we got her from our breeder not to put her in the crate when we are not home. We give her a confide area, kitchen and hallway, and she is wonderful with that.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/6/2012 10:24:06 AM

Hi. Five months old is still training stage. It is the nature of a dog to bark at strangers. (They are trying to protect you--all 8lbs of them, yep, against a cougar if it came thru' your door --wink!) After the initial barking (10 seconds?), gently put your hand around the snout and say "No bark--good dog." Release and reward IF the barking stops. If it continues, repeat the same GENTLY and firmly, adding "good dog" always but a treat only when the barking stops. After two months, our havanese "got it" and now stops barking nearly as soon as we say "no bark person." No treat needed. But you must let a dog bark--it is a protector by nature. The easiest thing to do if you know in advance that people are coming to the dog's territory, is to leash the havanese and meet the person outside. You will find that the dog just trots right in as if it is part of the pack. Read up on the pack mentality of dogs--it really helped us! Good luck : )
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...and re putting a dog in the crate while you are out is NOT a good idea. You could confine the pooch to one room--not one with tissues or trash baskets haha--but the crate is supposed to be "the happy safe place to go to, or to sleep," a place where peaceful calm things happen for the puppy/Havanese dog. Book by D. Klumb is very helpful on this!
    Answered by poetically.yours5792 - 11/6/2013 7:47:08 PM