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I want a Havanese but i will be gone 8-11 hours monday-friday. Should i get two havanese dogs so...

I want a Havanese but i will be gone 8-11 hours monday-friday. Should i get two havanese dogs so they will have company? Thanks ! :)

    In Havanese - Asked by Anonymous - 4/11/2012 12:52:15 PM
you should! but make sure that they are potty trained before you leave them alone :). Also make sure that if you are going to be gone for that long, that you give them some type of exercise when you get home or as they grow older they can became lazy, overweight, and they will grow out of their puppyhood fast and wont want to play as often!
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/15/2012 1:06:21 PM

if you want doudble the work but I'm sure that is the best idea for now
    Answered by Anonymous - 4/15/2012 3:24:01 PM

Gone 8-11 each day plus vacations probably? Maybe you want a cat. A little dog also will have a little bladder. If you can pad train a Havanese dog, they make great pets. I think you need to try ONE before getting the second. I can promise you that getting a Havanese means that the dog will OWN your heart. Good luck
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/10/2012 6:11:50 AM

I say no--Havanese are wonderful companion dogs and will suffer separation anxiety if you are gone so much--They love being with their "family" and unless you have someone checking on them regularly or they have another pet to associate with-- it is not a good idea for you to get one.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/15/2012 9:09:54 PM

I would never do that. When a Havanese is left on their own even with another they will tear your house apart. The Havanese breed stay like a puppy. And you WILL break their heart to leave them that long alone. This breed is very needy when it comes to love. If you do that you will make a monster out of him/her. Why do that. Then you will hate him/her, and get rid of it. Great, now someone else is stuck with them and the dog will prob get put down or be on the streets. Why get a dog when you know you have no time for it? Gone up to 11 hrs a day. Then add sleep for 8hrs. Thats up to 19 hrs alone. Oh and BTW, YOU have to brush them every day.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/18/2012 9:39:56 PM