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Do the ribs on greyhounds stick out or not? I have a dog that is mostly greyhound and one other...

Do the ribs on greyhounds stick out or not? I have a dog that is mostly greyhound and one other breed but my puppy looks more like she could be full blooded but her ribs stick out and ive had her for about 2 months now and i feed her really well. but she doesn't seem to be gaining any weight. is this normal for greyhounds or not?

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I don't know what you mean by the ribs "sticking out", but most web sites say if you can see the last 3 ribs on a greyhound, the dog is at a healthy weight. I also know that my 6 year old 75 pound male greyhound eats about as much as a hundred pound dog should eat (at least according to the guidelines on the bag of food), in order to maintain his weight. I give him a good quality higher protein dog food, again at the recommendation of greyhound web sites. He is not that active: gets two 20 minute walks and a brief run daily. A greyhound that is actively racing can double his daily caloric needs. So when I send him to the boarding kennel when I go on vacation, I increase his daily food allottment by 25-50%, because if I don't, his weight will drop, even though they say he eats all his food. Hope this has been helpful.
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An adult greyhound with proper conditioning will show the back ribs but I wouldn't call it "sticking out". I like to see a little extra fat on a puppy. When they grow they will tap any reserves and look like they have lost a ton of weight overnight. Puppy greyhounds should have as much high quality food as they will eat - a minimum of twice daily. Many pups are not wormed properly when they are still nursing and from your description of ribs sticking out and failure to gain weight it sounds like she may have a roundworm infestation. Go pick up a wormer with pyrantle pamoate and give her the proper dose for her weight. Follow up again in a week and then again in three weeks. Then follow a regular de-worming regimen for your area and you shouldn't have any more worm problems.
    Answered by cashelfarm - 11/17/2010 2:35:12 AM