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Do greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs? We just adopted one and are having a hard time...

Do greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs? We just adopted one and are having a hard time finding a food that does not give him a very runny stool?

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Greyhounds can have sensitive stomachs. Ours has an extremely sensitive stomach and we eventually had to put him on a packet of Fortiflora (probiotic from the vet) each morning with his breakfast and actually give him home cooked food (a mushy goulash of rice,ground beef, with some variation of the veg ie/ potatoe, carrot, spinach, celery ). We also throw a calcium tablet and a fish oil in from time to time as well. We hadn't anticipated home cooking FOR A DOG - but during our first year we experienced increasingly serious digestive problems on 5 different high end dry foods. we gave this a try out of desperation and it took him from a constant mushy - and often slimy and bloody - stool to a completely normal firm one in a single day and he has not had a mushy stool since. That was 5 months ago. This dog had been to the vet for so many issues related to his digestion and once we made the big switch he became a different animal. More engaged, chipper, happier and simply healthy.
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My greyhound couldn't eat poultry at all. I did find that Royal Canin's Adult Lamb and Rice food kept her healthy. Later in her life I suppllemented that with hamburger and brown rice--softer on her teeth. I would also catch her eating my tomatoes off the vine in my yard!
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My old Greyhound Had A Very Unadaptive Stomach And Threw Up Every Time We Tried a New Food For Her We Chose Purena Lamb And Rice And Nothing
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When I adopted my greyhound he had a very sensitive stomach as well. I used plane yogurt. Just mix a couple of table spoons full with his dog food after a couple of days he will be fine. I also feed him Purina One. Michael
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He may just be nervous. My greyhounds are on FROMM now but they were on PRO PLAN Natural for a long time. Just find one food that they like and stick to it. You can also give them a tsp of pepto to help with the tummy issue.
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