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it appears that this particular breed (great swiss mt dog) does well with children which is my...

it appears that this particular breed (great swiss mt dog) does well with children which is my biggest concern when considering this breed. My family does have a bit of allergies-are they considered hypoallergenic at all, or do you know of anyone with my situation who is not or is bothered by the derm/fur?

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As far as I know the only dogs considered to be hypoallergenic and those that grow hair and not fur. For example, a Yorkie's coat is more hair like than fur. There are some other types of dogs that are also more hair like but the Greater Swiss is not one of those
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/2/2010 9:30:21 PM

No Greater Swiss Mountain dogs are not hypoallergenic, but if you brush they're coat every day once a day they will shed much less.
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As a former owner of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, wonderful with kids and other dogs. No allergies from dog. A VERY BIB DOG, A big teddybear. The most wonderful dog i have ever owned.
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My Greater Swiss Mountain dog was wonderful with my children - we got him when he was 10 months old and my son was about 18 months old. They grew up together and Angus was a wonderful member of our family until his death at age 9. So, yes, in general they are excellent family dogs. If not brushed regularly, they will shed a fair amount and I would certainly not consider them any more hypoallergenic than other dogs. Dogs considered good with allergies generally are limited to poodles and a few other breeds.
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