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Great Pyrenees immune to or resistant to hot spots

I live in north ga on a goat,rabbit and bird farm. I have had a male Pyrenees and two females. The male had no hot spot problems. Had to euthanize due to his health problems. Both females have had hot spot problems this summer. One died and the other is still being treated? I would like some advice on a breed that is more resistant or immune to hot spots but is a good candidate for LGD.

    In Great Pyrenees - Asked by Anonymous - 7/14/2013 9:09:41 PM
Anatolian Shepherds might work better in that climate.
    Answered by wywildfire - 9/10/2013 1:45:06 PM

Great Pyrenees are not immune to Hot Spots. Especially with the double coat. While they can't be shaved in the summer you can "shorten" the coat and leave 2 inches and then check. Our retired female got one and it was hidden so well that when we found it we almost lost her it was horrible so now we take the clippers and trim all of ours down at least and inch or two in the spring so they can't get one or if they do we can get right on it!
    Answered by cooper777 - 4/9/2014 4:22:05 AM