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I have a 7 mth old female and a 6 mth old male GP pup. The problem is with the male when he has...

I have a 7 mth old female and a 6 mth old male GP pup. The problem is with the male when he has gotten something food related and very tasty and when the other pup is in the vicinity. He will growl even at us (his family) when we try to take it away and he has sprung up from his resting area gnawing on whatever it is and snarls and attacks the other pup. once he grazed my husbands arm with his teeth. It doesnt matter if one of us is telling him "no" he will persist in growling. When the two fight it is scary ferocious although it lasts a short time and then they play like puppies again. Alaric the male, has been taught to sit and lay down and also wait for his food. He eats gently out of my hand and now we are a little afraid to push him down on the ground in submission if he is growling otherwise we can put him in any submissive position. . bottom line we cant have a puppy that growls and bites. what to do?

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You also can't have an adult Pyr over 100 pounds that will not submit to you. Please seek an obedience class or experienced dog trainer to help you before this pup gets any bigger or more dangerous.
    Answered by wywildfire - 11/12/2012 1:35:56 PM

You As The Master's Must show The Male Pup That You Will Not Tolerate His Actions You Have To assert Your Self's But Not Beat The Dog If He Shows his Bad Behavior Correct it And Then Turn Your Back On Him And Do Not Give Him The chance to come around to the front of you for several minutes and once He has Learn his lesson Then you may pet him and say Good Boy But This Must Be Done Consistently . By Turning Your Back to Him This is One Of The Same Things That A Head Pack Member Would Do If His Actions Where Not Tolerated !
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/22/2013 11:28:23 PM