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I am considering buying a 4 month old female Great Pyrenees puppy from a breeder and it is being...

I am considering buying a 4 month old female Great Pyrenees puppy from a breeder and it is being raised on a working farm. It has never been indoors and we want to make it an indoor, city, family dog. We have a city sized fenced yard. Do you think it will adjust and be happy?

    In Great Pyrenees - Asked by Anonymous - 9/3/2012 8:01:08 AM
It may adjust with enough patience. But if several generations have been ranch dogs than it probably has some pretty strong instincts in the family line. Consider a younger puppy or an AKC pup with more relaxed instincts. Ask how many previous pups have made good city pets.
    Answered by wywildfire - 9/25/2012 11:45:16 PM

My second Pyre cam from a farm when she was 5 months old. She was a sweetheart to my grandkids and my Yorkies but she was real tough on carpets and furniture. Having little training before I got her she did damage when she was lefft alone. It's no problem to chew sticks but not ok to chew furniture.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/23/2012 1:22:30 AM

If the Great Pyrenees has never been house broke you could run into a problem. I have 2 Pyrenees and both were bought from and farm but we had them as indoor/outdoor dogs. They were both a breeze to housebreak at 8 weeks old but just like anything else with the dog breed it needs to be taught when it is still very young or it can be a little bit stubborn. Ours did not mess up our carpets or furniture and we loved having them inside but the dirt and hair they shed out of their fur can become overwhelming to keep cleaned in the house. We have recently made ours fulltime outside dogs to watch over our farm animals all the time instead of coming in at night with us. If you have them inside you will need plenty for the puppy to chew on or make sure you have wore it out before bringing it in the house or it will be destructive as a puppy but with a little effort it can be done. They are fantastic dogs i will never have another kind
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/2/2012 9:24:39 AM