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I have a Great Pyrenees/ rotti mix puppy. He's 11 weeks old and potty training has been aweful....

I have a Great Pyrenees/ rotti mix puppy. He's 11 weeks old and potty training has been aweful. Ive trained two other dogs and its gone great but with him its not working. He doesnt give any clues that hes got to go until its to late. I try to take him out every 2-3 hours but he still has a lot of accidents. What can i do? Also its so hard to walk him on his leash. A Lot of the time he'll just sit down and not move. I never had this with my other dogs. Any advice for me?? Im at my wits end

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I have a 4 month G Pyrenees/Golden retriever mix puppy. When I first got him, when he needed to go, it had to be "right now"! So I looked up a lot of forum and discussion, basically, they need to go almost right after they wake up from a nap. Also, close off the sections in the house that he doesn't sleep in. They don't like to soil their own sleeping area. Since then, he has no accident in the house. Now we had him for 1.5 weeks, he can hold his bladder for 4, 5 hours. He also has the tendency to sit during the walk. After talking to the vet and based on the observation I made, it was due to his loose hip joints (possible hip dysplasia) and it's causing him pain or discomfort. You could try looking up the symptoms of hip dysplasia and observe your puppy during walks. My puppy would get up after a minute or so and keep walking. But he can do at most 30 minutes each time before you see seriously dragging on his hind legs! good luck with your puppy!
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Unfortunately, some one combined two breeds that have stubborn, independent natures into one package. A puppy/dog training class or consultation with a very experienced trainer should help. But you have really got your work cut out for you for the next 12 years or so.
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I have 2 Pyrenees and potty training is a matter of keeping a very close eye on them and will pick up pretty quick usually. if you see it drinking water or eating it needs to be brought out in atleast 15 minutes. normally it will take them a little bit of exploring and they will go. When inside if you see them smalling around the floor, furniture or trying to go into the other room it probably needs to go out. at first you will have to be consistent with taking them out and watching them but after they realize what your teaching them they catch on pretty fast. Also it works good to say the same thing everytime you bring them out like "lets go potty" or "lets go out" or whatever you prefer just consistency. Both mine as puppies hated a leasch but by 4-5 months they got the hang of it.
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