Great Dane Question

What are the size of great dane/and looks

color and temperment?

    In Great Dane - Asked by Anonymous - 5/30/2013 4:51:07 PM
Sizes of Great Danes vary depending on bloodlines and other Danes within it's lineage. American bred Great Danes tend to be taller, thinner sleeker looking European bred Great Danes tend to be shorter but with thicker bone, wider blockier heads and longer lips. As for colors the more common colors for Great Danes are Harlequin (White base coat with black spots/patches), Black, Blue, Fawn with black mask, Brindle (Fawn with black striping), Mantle (Black base coat with white collar, white on all four feet, white chest, white muzzle, and white tip on tail) and Merle (Gray base coat with black patches). There are many other colors out there that are not standard colors such as Fawnequin (white base coat with fawn patches), Brindlequin (white base coat with Brindle patches), Blue Harlequin ((white base coat with Blue patches), Blue Mantle, Merlequin ((white base coat with Merle patches), Fawn Mantle, Fawn Merle (Fawn Base coat with black patches), etc.
    Answered by prime-danes - 2/19/2014 3:34:23 PM