Great Dane Question

How far can I take my 5 mo. Great Dane puppy on a walk and why ?

I go on a 4 mi. walk nearly every day and want to take her with me but have heard they should not walk that far at this age.

    In Great Dane - Asked by Anonymous - 1/12/2013 9:14:02 AM
Dane pups should never be given extreme exercise of long walks. Most can safely handle about 5-6 blocks roundtrip at this age. The reason being you put extreme stress on their joints and they are not fused yet, thus setting them up for many types of injuries (i.e. tendonitis, ACL tears, strains, sprains). Joints fuse together at around 2 yrs in American danes and up to 3 yrs in European danes. Most injuries occur when pups are tired, but being avid "pleasers" they'll walk right along with you, and suffer the consequences that evening when they are having pain, and noticeably limping or guarding of the leg (keeping weight off it).
    Answered by muddypawsdanes - 8/9/2013 11:43:48 AM