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I have a great dane pup athat is 5 months and for breakfast he eats eggs (scrambled). Then...

I have a great dane pup athat is 5 months and for breakfast he eats eggs (scrambled). Then SOMETIMES he eats 2 cups of dog food in the afternoon and 2 cups in the evening. But some days he will just eat his breakfast and 2 cups of food but he wont finish the 2 cups of dog food when i put it in his bowl he will eat that through out the day. He weighs about 60lb he is at my knees. Is that normal for him to do?

    In Great Dane - Asked by Anonymous - 8/1/2012 7:53:58 PM
He is actually up to my waist. This is the person who wrote the question.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/2/2012 1:05:45 PM

That's really on the small side in amount of food for a 5 month old to be eating (2-4 cups/day + eggs), depending on how big the scramble is I guess. I have 2 male puppies who are now 7 months. At 5 months they were EACH eating 8-10 cups of Precise Holistic Complete Large Breed Puppy PER DAY (sire was 180# at 2 yrs so they were expected to be big). Weight of 60# at 5 months is not too bad considering how much your puppy is eating but mine were around 75# at 4 months. Depending on how tall you are, 60# and at your waist strongly suggests your dog is too thin.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/8/2012 10:09:39 PM

Two cups of dog food twice a day is too much by itself. Then you add eggs on top of that. First, a Great Dane is not supposed to be fed a high protein diet. It is better to allow him to grow slow so that his organs, bones and muscles all grow at the same rate. He's at a decent weight for his age. But it is not generally a good idea to mix human food and dog food. Dog food moves through a dog's system very slow. If you want to feed him a whole food diet (lots on info on internet on how to) which would process through his system faster then do not feed him dog food. If you're going to feed him dog food do not give him human food regularly. Be especially careful about overfeeding a Great Dane as this can lead to a condition called bloat where his stomach turns over and can be deadly very quickly. Make sure he is calm after eating, no running and playing right away.
    Answered by tmarie68 - 12/12/2013 5:46:55 PM