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My 12 week old Dane just had his first vet appt. I had researched a lot and came up with...

My 12 week old Dane just had his first vet appt. I had researched a lot and came up with feeding him blue buff adult formula. My vet said that was totally wrong and that I need to feed home large breed puppy food which has a lot of protein. Does anyone have a vets contact info. Who specializes in Great Danes?

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I've heard from many sources that the Great Dane puppy SHOULD NOT be fed a high protein puppy food, but rather a good adult food with a protein content in the low 20% range. The higher protein food can allow them to grow too quickly and cause bone and joint issues. They will still reach their full potential on the lower protein food, but will grow more slowly.
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If you buy puppy food made for large breeds it is fine, check the protein and you will see it is not too high. That is why they make puppy food for large breeds. Some people will put they on Adult food before a yr tho if they seem to be growing too fast. Have always fed large breed puppy. Blue Buffalo is great.
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Dont give your great dane too much protein, he could end up growing to fast and that can lead to bone problems. Protien levels should not go over 24 percent.
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Have a 12 week old Dane and my vet said doesn't matter what brand food as long as it is for LARGE BREED PUPPIES, otherwist it will result in improper growth.
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