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Curious.. We have a 2 year old Basset Hound, who we bought our 3 children when we lived in a...

Curious.. We have a 2 year old Basset Hound, who we bought our 3 children when we lived in a duplex and love ridiculously. We recently bought a new house on an acre(fenced). I'm curious if a Great Dane would get along with him and the children(ages 3-8-10)? And if so should I buy another male or female? Any suggestions or opinions would be helpful.

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If the Dane grows up around children, and the children are nice and don't terrorize it the Dane will put its life on the line for the kids. As for getting along with the other dog, as long as the Dane pup grows up with it there should be no problems as long as the basset hound isn't mean to it. My Dane loves children and other dogs and he didn't grow up with them. However, the life span of a Dane isn't very long and the children would go thru a loss after the Dane is about 8-10 years old, maybe sooner. Another thing is the Dane HAS to be indoors. I cannot stress that enough. And you have to feed it TOP QUALITY food, or the Dane will live for... Maybe 5 years. This food has to have the right amount of protein and fat so the Dane doesn't grow to fast and get fractures bones.
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I'm the previous poster with the long answer- the thing wouldn't let me type enough. So Danes can cost a lot of money in vet bills. They are more prone to health problems as puppies. As for the male and female part- get a female if you want an elegant and very very protective mothering instinct. Get a male and his size alone will be intimidating. Males are protective when need be. Females are aggressive 24/7. I'm speaking generally not specifically. Danes are very very loyal dogs when treated good and trained properly. Best of luck looking for an addition to your family, Danes are a great choice but a lot of work and dedication. They are not your typical lab or retriever. Please keep that in mind. I love my Dane sooooooo much. But I wanted to speak the truth so you have a heads up. Hope this helps.
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We had a basset with our Danes and they got along great. The Basset was always the ring leader when they got in trouble.
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