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Cancer in golden Retrievers

Are goldens prone to cancer. I have 3 and my 4 year old lost a hind leg to cancer.

    In Golden Retriever - Asked by Anonymous - 2/21/2013 5:40:37 PM
Yes. It is a major concern for the breed. Any cancer that is prior to age 8 is early onset in the breed. Since cancer is a multifaceted disease determined by both genetic and environmental factors, it is a major focus of a study with the Morris Foundation. This study follows Goldens throughout their lifetime to tract the incidence of diseases and possible causes. These results will certainly benefit people as well, and you are invited to join the study if you have a young Golden. There is also a Scientifically reported lower incidence of cancer in some European lines of Goldens. That is a reason we have imported and are combining these lines with our lines in the US. I am sorry to hear about your heartbreak with your Golden. There is nothing like going through cancer diagnosis whether it is with a human or furry friend.
    Answered by mgeels - 4/2/2013 2:07:59 PM