Golden Retriever Question

what do you use to clean dirt from inside ears

    In Golden Retriever - Asked by Anonymous - 12/12/2012 11:47:02 AM
Think of the ears as your own when you clean them. Use care and be gentle. You can either use a qtip or cotton ball to clean around the outer folds of the ear. Never go into the ear canal- clean it like your own. If your dog has dirt in the ears, water will wash it off. One thing to watch for is that Golden are prone to yeasty ears, especially if they are swimmers. If you think your Golden may have yeasty ears it is good to take him or her to the vet to get some good ear wash. Also your vet will be able to make sure that it is not earmites and you are in fact seeing their dirt. If your dog is shaking his ears... this is when one of the two above may be at play. A quick trip into your vet is a good way to as an added bonus I'm sure the Dr will be happy to show you how to clean the ears in person and even do it for you the first time.
    Answered by mgeels - 4/2/2013 2:13:46 PM