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I'm really interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer, but am not familiar with the breed's...

I'm really interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer, but am not familiar with the breed's behavior when not in the field. around the house, what can I expect? Do they tend to be loud and hyper? Are they good with children? etc. Thanks!

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My puppy German Shorthaired pointer loves kids. He is very kind. I don't suggest leaving food out for him cause he wont stop eating. He loves to chew on stuff and be ready to go on long walks/runs. Mine isn't loud at all, except that he snores.
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My German Shorthaired Pointer is 14 months old. He has chewed up numerous shoes, books chords & anything within reach. Loves toys. We have him leashed inside to prevent teething damage when we're not watching him (or crate). Yes, meal time must be routinely structured or he'll eat whatever's in sight including butter off the table. The good news is he's food motivated & loves treats which can be helpful in training. I don't feed or water after 4pm (it's been hard to potty train). He loves to play fetch w/ tennis balls. He needs lots of intense exercise. I believe it's especially important to make sure the breeder has socialized the pups sufficiently. Ours is agrressive towards strangers so we're looking into a wire muzzle. He is great with our other dog & 3 kids though.
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I am the proud owner of 5 German Shorthaired Pointer dogs. They do get to go out hunting a bit, but for the most part they are pets which are a big part of our lives. They are wonderful loving dogs that look forward to pleasing you. They do need there excersie, but in the evenings during tv time they become the best cuddle buddies ever. They are very smart and quick to learn. Mine are all crate trained and love there beds. We do leave a few loose in the house and they are very well behaved. They are not a barking dogs, but will let you know when someone is there. They get a little excited when company arrives, however, they settle right down and love the extra affection. They are great family pets and love kids. They love to be outside and play fetch but also love to cuddle. I own several dogs, and they all get along great. Hope this was some help to you.
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I have a 5 yr old GSP that we have had since he was only a few weeks old. He has been a family dog and around both my children, a 4 yr old and 1 yr old. He is GREAT with both kids. He loves to play with the kids. When he is inside he is not loud, but he does bark when someone is knocking. He does bark if he is left outside too long. He wants to be with the family. He has been active since we have gotten him, but if you give then plenty of exercise, no problems. One warning, though, if you leave them alone for long periods of time they will find things to entertain themselves. The best thing that I can suggest is to get a kennel. When you are not home even for 1 hr, put the dog in the kennel, then nothing will get tore into (trash especially). GSP's are great dogs for the family and are great protectors too! After this dog, I will never buy another breed. It is hard to find a dog that is good with kids and a good protector.
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I have a German Shorthaired Pointer and she is great! Pretty much all she does when she is in the house is look out our windows. She can be very hyper at times but then very mellow at others. She sleeps in my bed every night and is very well behaved. She really doesn't bark or whine very much. She loves running! When we got her we had kids in 2nd grade and 4th grade and she was wonderful with them. We really "annoyed" her all the time so she would get used to being poked and stuff. Now it doesnt even bother her. Over all she is a great dog!
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