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I am looking at adopting an adult German Shorthaired Pointer female (9). Is that too old to bond...

I am looking at adopting an adult German Shorthaired Pointer female (9). Is that too old to bond with a new (kids 3 and 10) family? I work from home and I'm willing to spend lots of time with her and to take her out for lots of exercise. I gather she is crated most of the day. Would it be too late to house train her, if she is accustomed to do her business indoors? Thanks for any ideas and tips!

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We adopted a 7 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer who bonded with us immediately and fit quite well with the other three shorthairs and cats we had. We also babysat a 6 yr old female for several weeks at a time while her family was out of the country and she fit right in too. Later when our children came along they were all wonderful with the kids. Shorthairs have been called "velcro" since they tend to stick close to their owners and that has absolutely been our experience whether adopting them as pups or older dogs. They are incredibly smart but are also very strong willed and absolutely must have lots of room to run. What I love about them is they never realize they're old and will push themselves to remain active and playful till the end. As far as house training, from our experience they can learn anything quickly with firm and consistent training. At 9 she may have urine leakage (ours did as do many fixed older dogs) which is easily cleared up with a daily pill from the vet.
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Never too old to bond and love. Giving your German Shorthaired Pointer ample attention and accepting her into your family she will thrive. They are smart and love to learn but don't get in an argument or use a heavy hand ... Invest in a crate for when you are going to leave the home, and she cannot come, it can also prevent accidents. But know that at 9 she isn't young - and a little more patience may be required. And until you really know any dog - regardless of breed, do not leave her with your 3 year old, that just common sense.
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