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I am married and have two small children and we just got our 8 month old gsp, the house we're...

I am married and have two small children and we just got our 8 month old gsp, the house we're living in is very small. Would our gsp be ok with living outside until we get a bigger place?

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As an owner of a 10 year old female GSP, I can't recommend having her outside all the time. She could be outside while you were gone, but when you're home, they want to be with you. They're very attached and tuned in to their people and need to be by your side when you're home. I do realize they are quite rambunctious and with two young kids, can be part of the riot! Playing ball inside or out will get her energy needs taken care of. And lots of walks, off leash if there's a place locally.
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/29/2012 9:01:07 PM

If you want your gsp to be a complete animal when indoors, by all means leave her outside. A gsp is a type of dog that has certain personality characteristics you learn to tolerate. It is part of the family and should be treated like one your children. she wants to be at your side at all times. Learn to accept her as your shadow.
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This is why - people should research breeds before buying. No she will not do "okay" outside. My gsp mix, is my shadow. If I left him outside, he would get angry, and probably distructive. Much like my boarder collies I fostered.... And I can tell you first hand - if a dog is social and loving, and you leave it outside and treat it as un-wanted... It will have socialization issues - and more than likely you will pass it off to someone else, and eventually it will or could end up in a shelter. I have seen it, in many breeds. So before you ruin your dog, try contacting a rescue group, and explaining, you didn't researh before you bought a dog. --- Just think, would you put your kids outside, because they made a mess, or would you teach them acceptable behavior ?? -
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I find it sad that you would buy a puppy and then want to leave it outside because your house is not big enough-- you really should have thought that through before purchasing the puppy. Puppies need love and socialization and GSP are one of the most loving breed that is very close to their owners-- you will completely crush that dogs spirit if you put it outside.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/27/2014 12:34:14 AM