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I am getting a female GSP at the end if the month. I am a runner and plan on taking her with me...

I am getting a female GSP at the end if the month. I am a runner and plan on taking her with me for 4-6 mile runs daily. When can I start and how far can a puppy typically run? I also live in Ohio so the temperature is anywhere from low teens to 40s in the winter. Is she ok without a coat? Should I buy her boots to protect her paws? We run on trails.

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I live in MIchigan, which has similar weather. If you take your GSP on streets that are salted, you might want to get boots. Also, they get ice inbetween their toes and being that they're webbed, she will start biting at them if you don't reach down and clean them out. She will LOVE running but start with fewer miles until she's a little older and can handle the distance (8-9 months). Once she's older, she'll outrun you, I guarantee it! She should be okay without a coat unless it's in the teens. I put a coat on mine when it's below 25 or so and/or windy. They have some that are waterproof that just clip underneath.
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You can't take your GSP puppy running until she is fully grown at 1 to 1 1/2 year. Running before can seriously damage her joints. A coat is definitely a good idea for the winter and in order to protect her paws against salt on the streets you should consider boots or a special wax for dog paws. Nadine
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GSP's will out last you by far but take into consideration her ears in extreme cold. When they are about a year to a year and a half is when you'll witness their boundless energy.
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