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We live in an area where everyone has underground fences. Will GSP's respond and stay in a yard...

We live in an area where everyone has underground fences. Will GSP's respond and stay in a yard like this? We do have the woods behind us so we do have some wild life also such as deer / wild turkey's.

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We live in the same type area,on 2 acres. Started training our dog at 6 mo. of age on a in ground fence. It's been approx.a month, and I'm confident she is contained at this point. We haven't experienced letting her out with wild life in the yard, where I'm sure when she's out wild life would not approach.
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I put my GSP on the invisible fence at 4 months. She was a quick learner and really only went thrugh to greet the neighbor and his kids. She didn't take interest in other animals and birds until she was about a year old and she barks and chases birds constantly but respects her boundaries even when the collar is off. She may test them every few months bush I suggest a remote e collar to train her to respond to your call because they will tune you out if not trained of a consequence for not responding to you. I take mine everywhere and she knows her boundaries based on the lawn mower trails in the yards without ever being there before!!!
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I have an 8 month old male GPS and a 18 month old female GPS. They were both trained on the invisible fence at about 4.5/5 months old. They learned in 2 days not to test the boundaries anymore. I have never had any issues with my male ever trying to leave the yard (even if he is chasing the decoy and it rolls past the shock point, he will just stop dead in his tracks and sit until I get the decoy-- he won't even try to test the boundaries. My female went through it 3 times (in over a whole year period) because we went next store to the neighbors and she got sooo excited she ran over...Once you bring them back through and they get the shock coming back in, they learn real quick not to try that again! She had not even dare try in a long time! We really love the invisible fence-- we have it at home and up at our camp on 3.5 acres-- the dogs respect the boundaries
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