German Shepherd Question

a year old shepherd running off a year old queensland how to make him stop?

Hachiko (German Shepherd) wants to hug all the attention adn subdues Quinn (queensland) by attempting to bite and growl at him and quinn is terrified and does not want ot get back to the house. What do I do to make Hahiko stop, and be friendly with Quinn?

    In German Shepherd - Asked by Anonymous - 3/8/2013 1:26:39 AM
Hahiko will stop with consistent correction. Hahiko probably feels like he has the Alpha position in the household. You need to take that position from him before it ends in Quinn getting hurt. In order to gain the alpha position give commands and make him listen. Don't hit or yell but be firm and let him know you are serious. It might take a little bit but he will stop.
    Answered by SuperiorShepherd - 7/16/2013 11:48:12 AM