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About a year ago I rescued my dog from a shelter. They said it was a Min Pin but he was a bit...

About a year ago I rescued my dog from a shelter. They said it was a Min Pin but he was a bit bigger than Min Pin's I have seen. He has prominate markings that are very similar to the similar to the Black/Tan (reddish) Doberman. The vet even identified my dog as a Min Pin and told me it was overweight and blah blah blah. Then one day while cruising the internet I see a picture of a GERMAN PINSCHER and it looked exactly like my baby. I researched it and low and behold the characteristics are identical to my little boy. The weight of them was what my dog was at when the vet said he was overweight. Now that I have this info I need to educate my vet and get him back to his ideal weight. Anyone else have a prob where there dog was mis-identified? Any other German Pincher folks with stories?

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Yes my german pincher...named Cecil is afraid of thunder and heads for under the bed every time it storms. He is also very aware when a storm is coming. I have seen him look his nose sniff the air and then he grabs his favorite chew toy and off he goes. Very playful and any form of tug he is up for..he was a very easy boy to train in all respects. Hope if you are considering getting a will... but they are high energy and I at 65 yrs old can keep up to will have agreat playmate as they love to play..are protective and faithful and great fun Mine is 3 years old and marvelous companion for me as a single senior..albeit not q large breed i have seen grown men get right off the side walk when they see me coming down the street and they have never even met him lol He is very protective and is wonderful with my grandchildren after i have taught him not to jump up to greet them and also to not be such a barker...they are yappy...but lets face it we love them
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