French Bulldog Question

My frenchie is losing some hair on each side of her. What can I do and is there a food I can switch

Blood work came out normal. She has no mites or fleas. It doesn't seem to itch her. The thinning is symetrical on both sides.

    In French Bulldog - Asked by Anonymous - 3/8/2013 1:42:26 PM
Avoid wheat/corn at all cost in food
    Answered by oklahomapuppies - 3/28/2013 11:22:05 PM

I Recommend Orijen, This is a very good food for Frenchies!!
    Answered by andres0397 - 6/15/2013 4:07:18 PM

Royal Canin is a very good and balanced food that Frenchies do well on. Another food you can try is "Blue" No Grain Salmon and Potato. It should work well for hair. Another thing you can try using Vitamin E, and just rub that into the area where the hair is lost, do it one or twice daily for about a week. But most of the hair loss is due to skin allergies and 90% out of a 100% is food related. I have all my Frenchies on Royal Canin and some on Blue and they are all good.
    Answered by myfrenchbullies - 8/5/2013 2:06:26 PM