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My 6 month old frenchie wont stop attacking and biting my 4 year old frenchie!! How do I stop this?

    In French Bulldog - Asked by Anonymous - 11/27/2012 10:43:33 PM
Lots of praise, discipline and an electric training collar work wonders, especially the collar. Most of my dogs take two, maybe three corrections with the training collar and the unwanted behavior stops. I still have them wear the collar now and then to reinforce the good behavior. Also, be sure you're not giving too much attention to the bratty puppy when you think you're helping to stop the fight. Pick up your older dog, lavish attention, and completely ignore the bratty dog.
    Answered by Anonymous - 1/3/2013 11:24:34 PM

Frenchie puppies can play very very rough with each other and other dogs. Sounds like the puppy is wanting too play to rough for your older dog to enjoy. I would suggest getting the puppy in hand via some training classes. He needs to learn now that you are the boss. Frenchie puppies can become little tyrants and NOW is the time to get the little rascal under control. The shock collar is a good idea but I'd take it a step further and get him out walking every day to wear him out and to make him learn to respect you. I would take him to a training class and give him a job. I think you will find that putting him to work and giving his mind and body something to do your problems will evaporate. One final note: It's best not to allow aggressive dogs in the bed or on the furniture with you. That makes them think they are equal to you. When they sit and sleep on the floor it reinforces that they are subservient to you. Good luck.
    Answered by wildacrefarms - 1/22/2013 3:47:19 PM