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I just acquired a Toy Fox Terrier. They were giving him away as he was to not a good fit for...

I just acquired a Toy Fox Terrier. They were giving him away as he was to not a good fit for their family. (young child). I have brought him home and he seems to be doing well so far. I am curious to know is it normal for them to have long curled tail? He has the most beautiful brown colors and a brown nose & almost green eyes. He is going to be a special guy in our house. I don't like clipping ears and tails I have to do this? His ears are floppy & his tail is long and curled. Is he truly a toy fox terrier or possible mixed since he has floppy years and curled tail?

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Your Toy Fox Terrier puppy's ears will begin to stand erect as he gets older, certainly by the time he is a year old. If you don't plan to show your dog, there's no reason to dock its tail. Just love him and he'll keep you laughing, these guys are such clowns!
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/11/2011 10:56:29 PM

Toy Fox Terriers have their tail clipped. I think at the 2nd or 3rd notch. This is usually done when they are a few days old. The ears will stand up when the puppy is older.
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They usually dock a Toy Fox Terrier's tail, but most of the time for akc reasons. My toy fox terrier has a tiny numb for a tail and mt moms toy fox terrier has a longer nub so it just depends on the breeder. My toy fox terrier's ears do not stand all the time like my moms dog but she is a full blooded tft. No worries!
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If a toy fox terriers ears are not stood by 6 months its not full bred. I have 2 and both their ear are firm.
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