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Hello! I just adopted a 14yo TFT his owner went into Hospice and the family boarded dog with Vet...

Hello! I just adopted a 14yo TFT his owner went into Hospice and the family boarded dog with Vet for 5 mos. He was owned since a puppy by one elderly man. He is very weak from not moving much and his back legs shake or he limps upon arising. He also seems very tender in chest area when I pick him up to the sofa or bed. Vet said it is weakness but, his ribs seem to crackle and move-am I imagining this? I want to love this dog for whatever time he has but, I worry he needs arthritis meds or PT. I just want reassurance that (if given a complete clean bill of health from vet and btw this beauty has all his teeth!!) if TFT live beyond 14 yrs. He seems so healthy and vibrant (except for cataracts) I cannot imagine him dying in a few months. My 5lb Chihuahua dies at 22yo last year so I know theere are always exceptions to the standard. Love is a great healer and restore!

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Did the vet check your TFT's patellas? I wouldn't worry so much about him crying some when you pick him up but have his patellas checked. You can give him glucosamin (sp?) it will help a lot with his joints.
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I have a TFT who will be turning 18 in 3 weeks, and he is as happy as can be. I've had him since he was 4 months old. His ribcage is sensitive too, you have to support their butt when you pick them up. My mom has a TFT too who is 11 now, and she's the same way. She'll throw out her knee if you don't support her butt when you pick her up. Both my TFT and my mom's TFT have sensitive stomachs as well. grain free food works best for them. I have made my dogs food for most of his life as a stew with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, oatmeal, kidney beans, scrambled eggs, ground turkey, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and flax oil. I also give him "missing link" powder on his food once and a while, and grain free treats with glucosamine in them.
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