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I have 2 Toy Fox Terriers, the girl is 3 yrs old and weighs 5 lbs; the boy is 18 mos old and...

I have 2 Toy Fox Terriers, the girl is 3 yrs old and weighs 5 lbs; the boy is 18 mos old and weighs 15 lbs. We recently introduced an 8 wk old kitten into our house as a gift for one of my 3 children. The problem is that our female TFT will chase and bite the cat. I am worried that she might kill the poor kitten. I have been keeping the kitten locked in my son's bedroom and will only bring the kitten out when the dogs are either outside or in their crate. The female TFT has bit the kitten's tail, ear, head, and side (though not drawing blood). She is VERY vicious towards the kitten. Is this normal TFT behavior? What can we do so that she will get along with the kitten? The boy TFT doesn't seem to care too much about the kitten one way or the other though he will sometimes bark but he does not attack like the female TFT does. HELP!

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We have two cats and our TFT along with another dog. She doesn't pay any attention to them really at all, but they are full grown cats.
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The cat is small, quick, and too similar to the older dog's natural prey (small rodents ie mice, moles, rats, young ground hogs, etc.) The young dog can safely be introduced to the kitten, but I fear the older dog will not welcome the newcomer and may well injure/kill it. It is in their nature.
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Toy Fox Terrier females dont like other females only them cause they think you are going to pay more attention to the other if you would of have the kitten since she was born she would be ok with her
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I have a TFT and she gets along better with the female cat than the big male cat. The male i've had for 4 years so just wants to be left alone. The young cat about a year and tft is 7 months play and chase after each other. Though the cat usually wins.
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Your Female TFT is the top dog of the house most likely at age of three she would probably not except the kitten , get rid of the Kitten or the Female TFT the choice is yours , I would keep the Dog ! P.S You will find the Kitten eaten Up !!!
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I almost have the some problem, but it is the other way around.I can help. Just train the dog and cat to avoid each other. Don't worry, things will clear up. ;D
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