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Hello, we have had a 10 week old flat coated retriever puppy for a week. She comes from a...

Hello, we have had a 10 week old flat coated retriever puppy for a week. She comes from a breeder and is toilet trained. We get up twice at night to let her out. She usually goes back to sleep after her first wake up (about 2am ish) but after the next one (4.30am ish), she wants to play. We ignore her but she barks incessantly for half an hour, goes back to sleep for a short period of time and starts barking again until we get up (about 6.45am). We do leave toys with her (kong and hide bone) to keep her entertained until we get up but it only seems to work for a very short while. Has anyone got any advice how to stop the barking? It is very loud and unbearable at times. It keeps us awake and my 13 year old daughter is still at school. Friends have suggested a crate but I am not sure this is an option now as she has been with us for just over a week and we would still have to get up at night to let her out. Thank you

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A crate would be a great idea. My flat coat isn't much of a barker, but having a crate to put her back into might help with the barking. It'll tell her "Hey, I gotta go back to sleep." It's also a great idea to crate train her as she enters her chewing phase so she doesn't destroy things when you leave the house. I would also keep ignoring her when she's barking. Giving into her is showing her that barking means good things. It's something that you might have to grin and bear for a little while, unfortunately.
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I let mine sleep in his own bed in my room...he knows its time to sleep when he's in there.
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